You Mean… The Russians Aren’t Coming?

November 13, 2018

CLR 2020. Air date November 12, 2018.  CLR's second intellectually invigorating (and witticism rich) interview with Professor Charles Webel of Chapman University.  He offers an intriguing and challenging assessment of America's current perceptions of Russia in the context of world peace.


A CLR Midterm Election Special

November 4, 2018

CLR 2014. Air date November 3, 2018.  More than nine and one half continuous hours of Center Left Radio Commentary Shows - our 'midterm closing arguments' - from October 29th, October 31st and November 2nd.  The shows are each separated by 30 minutes of CLR Weekend Jazz Show music. With our compliments... and our encouragement to VOTE ON NOVEMBER 6th!!! 


More Trick Than Treat: The Trump Lie Fest Continues

November 1, 2018

CLR 2012.  Air date October 31, 2018.  Donald Trump continues to pursue the role of Prevaricator in Chief with no apparent comprehension of either the irony or the outright danger inherent in his aberrant behavior. Trump costumes and masks remain on the shelf this Halloween.   


From Conflict To Peace: A Conversation With Dr. Charles Webel

October 18, 2018

CLR 2002: Air date October 17, 2018.  A stimulating conversation with the irrepressible Doctor Charles Webel on a range of topics including the essence of peace in a time of conflict and the true nature of Donald Trump.  


1 Corinthians 12: So Much More Than A Wedding Day Wish

September 27, 2018

CLR 1991.  Air date September 26, 2018.  CLR examines the nonsectarian wisdom, spirituality and contemporary significance of St. Paul's often quoted text on the nature of love, words too often viewed as simple ceremonial filler.  


Beyond Theology: The Wisdom of Luke in the Age of Donald

September 18, 2018

CLR 1984. Air date September 17, 2018.  More than theological primers, religious writings are often sources of profound insight with unanticipated applicability to modern events.  CLR considers the deeper, far more hopeful and fearless meaning of Chapter 6 in Christianity's Book of St. Luke and its contrast to the disturbing dicta of Trumpism. 


The Singer and Her Songs: CLR Interviews Sue Matsuki

September 13, 2018

CLR 1981.  Air date September 12, 2018.  A long-awaited interview singer extraordinaire Sue Matsuki.  Sue talks about her extensive career, the broad scope of her musical tastes and interpretative skills and her dedication to progressive causes. Plus several of her best tracks and - a CLR first - Sue performing live in our studios!


An Interview With David Bach

September 12, 2018

CLR 1977.  Air date September 9, 2018.  Another in CLR's continuing series of informative and provocative conversations with political observer and commentator David Bach. The Woodward book and that anonymous NY Times Op-Ed piece are high on the agenda. 


Amazon Is Comin’ To Town

September 5, 2018

CLR 204SP.  Recorded December 12, 2018.  Amazon's arrival in Long Island City represents yet another change for the City that strives on change.  CLR offers an exploration of the inextricable connection between hope and change and the inescapable conclusion that change is the unavoidable and magical constant of all human life.  The trick is to react to our experiences, not our expectations.   


Real World Politics with Reggie Lafayette

September 5, 2018

CLR 1973. Air date September 3, 2018.  A frank and highly informative conversation with Westchester County Democratic Chairman, Reggie Lafayette, describing how local and regional politics drive national agendas and election results.